Heal’s Tendeter was the creation of Will Hobhouse, Chairman of Heal’s, and Matt Elton, Director of Tendeter. Heal’s prides itself on quality, good design and supporting British craftsmanship. Heal’s Tendeter is an embodiment of all these things.

Heal’s has been an institution for over 200 years and now once again has its own furniture making facility under one roof.

Matt Elton is a furniture designer in his own right with a broad knowledge of materials and finishes, allowing Heal’s Tendeter to offer solutions to all projects. Whilst wood is a main focus, we also advise on intermixing of other materials and processes, realising your design or concept to the finest detail.

All Heal’s Tenderer products, from tables, credenzas, drinks cabinets to reception areas, and bars are hand made in East London.

We want clients who desire and demand exceptional quality furniture in both design and build. We want to create pieces that are beautiful and interesting, not just by design but in every last detail. We love working with clients who are part of the process, who are actively involved in the design and feel free to visit the workshop to see their project progress.

Whether it is a commercial or a private client, we work diligently to understand the brief and budget we are working within. We must understand not only the design but the full project objective. We can design a side table for a living room, wardrobes for a bedroom, fit out an entire conference room or a bar to be used in a busy restaurant, anything is possible.

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